Baby Food Maker

Item 160501

kidsme Baby Food Maker is an excellent addition to the baby essentials list for new parents. It is a total solution of making healthy baby foods by simple steps! From steaming to blending, all in one handy jar. 4 major functions includes steam, blend, baby food warmer and defrost. It is easy to prepare fresh and healthy foods to your baby.

Little Lamb Chime Rattle

Item 9294C

It has a soft grip handle for teething and a gentle chiming sound with colorful surface.

Molecular Hydro Mist Bottle

350ml Item 9943

500ml Item 9944

Volume: 350ml & 500ml 

kidsme Molecular Hydro Mist Bottle is made out of the Graphene-the thinnest, light-weight but strongest material. Graphene have lots of tiny holes, allowing it to transform drinking water into a small molecular water enabling in faster hydration. Portable design with squeezable mist functions fits your different active lifestyle and keep you hydrated all the time.

Available in Lavender and Skyblue