Little Lamb Chime Rattle

Item 9294C

It has a soft grip handle for teething and a gentle chiming sound with colorful surface.

Molecular Hydro Cool Cup

Item 9942

Volume: 300ml 

Designed with your health in our mind, it is made out of the Graphene – the thinnest, light-weight but strongest material. Graphene contains far infrared technology allowing it to split clusters of water molecules. Smaller clusters of water molecules aid in body’s easy absorption and replenishing lost water quickly. A great natural gift for you and your family to stay hydrated anytime and anywhere.

Available in Aquamarine and Lavender

Molecular Hydro Mist Bottle

350ml Item 9943

500ml Item 9944

Volume: 350ml & 500ml 

kidsme Molecular Hydro Mist Bottle is made out of the Graphene-the thinnest, light-weight but strongest material. Graphene have lots of tiny holes, allowing it to transform drinking water into a small molecular water enabling in faster hydration. Portable design with squeezable mist functions fits your different active lifestyle and keep you hydrated all the time.

Available in Lavender and Skyblue